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Idle Time Software: Screen Savers are Cinema
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Frequently Asked Questions

Idle Time Software was accidentally founded in 2004 with a screen saver title called Holding Pattern 1.0. HP1 was an artist's project–an experimental piece of software that I built as a free work of art. Unmediated by a gallery or museum, the results of my labor and ideas would be seen directly by an audience of users on their personal workstations. I chose to simulate a view that I thought was cinematic and beautiful, but also common and meaningful to many people–that of commercial airplane flight.

I would have been ecstatic to get 800 or 1000 downloads. Instead, HP1 had real popularity, enough to crash the server I initially put it on, and the next one after that! I suddenly had financial and legal responsibility to my unexpectedly popular software. Users wanted something interesting to happen with their computers' idle cycles and inactive screens. And I had stumbled upon a way to reach an audience that I never expected.

Idle Time Software is about making your idle computer monitor worth watching. I've released Holding Pattern 2.0–an excellent upgrade that takes a good screen saver and makes it first-class. And you can expect more cinematic screen saver titles from Idle Time Software in the near future. Some of these titles will be free, some will be full-featured premium software products that you can buy. I'll be collaborating with other photographers and incorporating feature suggestions from users. And I'll never let ads or spyware into my downloads.

Your computer doesn't have to just work and toil for you. Make your machine's idle time beautiful. Let your computer dream.

– Cathy Davies, 2007



  Your computer is dreaming