Q: Why does Holding Pattern need to make a TCP/IP request? It's triggering my ZoneAlarm program, and people are posting that it's spyware or adware!

A: Holding Pattern was developed as with ScreenTime for Flash (a cross-platform screen saver development tool - http://www.screentime.com). For some reason, the screen saver as developed for the PC makes occasional TCP/IP requests, which trigger ZoneAlarm. I tested Holding Pattern with ZoneAlarm, and discovered that all the requests being made are "loopback requests", in other words, the TCP/IP connection request is to the user's own computer: (with various port numbers). The screen saver is NOT TRANSMITTING DATA over the network, but is for some reason trying to connect as a loopback.

Here is a quick explanation of as a loopback address:

Holding Pattern was not developed to be spyware, adware, or to be anything but a free screen saver for your enjoyment. ZoneAlarm exists in part, to help detect such annoyances as spyware, which are sometimes hidden in harmless-seeming PC downloads. Please be assured that Holding Pattern does not transmit any of your personal data over the Internet, nor does it download anything to your computer. I am working with our development software's technical support to remove the problem entirely from future versions of the software, so users can enjoy it without any ZoneAlarm messages.


Q: How do I uninstall the screen saver?

A: For Windows computers:
Check out this link for detailed information:

For Mac OS X:
To uninstall a screen saver, locate its ".saver" file inside the Screen Savers folder in Library folder, then delete the file. If the screen saver was available to all users of the computer, the file is in the Library folder at the top level of the hard disk. If the screen saver was for only one user, the file is in that user's home folder.


Q: What about audio?

A: Idle Time is developing a special collectible edition of Holding Pattern which will feature a hand-made artisanal package, an information map of the screen saver (revealing all its secrets!), and yes, a version of the screen saver with original audio.

The sale price of the limited collectible edition will go directly toward the development of future non-commercial freeware cinematic screen savers. This is an experiment with a "gift economy" supported by collectors, rather than an honor-system shareware economy. Drop us a line (Click the contact link below) if you'd like to be notified when the special edition is available.


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