Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class Edition


Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class is perfect for aviation enthusiasts, design fans, and landscape lovers. It's truly an artisanal screen saver; every last detail has been considered.

Each carefully selected landscape shows distinctive geological features, from canyons to riverbeds to the icy arctic. There's an abundance of photographs in the software-–more than 20MB of content in all-–curated for a continuous, diverse experience of flight.
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Designed as screen saver cinema, Holding Pattern 2.0 offers a unique perspective on the commercial airline flight. Intelligent randomness in the software makes each viewing of the screen saver unique, a singular sequence of views and interiors.
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Holding Pattern 2.0 was made with latest animation software technology for a speedy and smooth performance, even on slower systems. Abundant user controls let you fine tune your flight, yielding many different screen saver experiences.

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Holding Pattern 2.0 screenshot

Holding Pattern 2.0 screenshot

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