Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class Edition


Why Upgrade?

Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class still has the gentle, realistic animation you loved in version 1, and has even more breathtaking photography. With a wealth of content to keep you interested over time, this is perhaps the best screen saver ever made. At $17.50 for either Mac or PC, it's also the world's cheapest airfare!

You won’t find these features in any other version:

  • Realistic engine audio
  • User controls over transitions, flight path, and even the speed of the flight itself.
  • Tons more photographs – more than 20 megabytes of
  • Aerial views from unique places around the world that you didn't see in Holding Pattern 1.0.
  • Smoother animation that's easier on your system
  • A multiple monitor feature that lets you match views
    on more than one screen
  • Mac Intel support

Choose PC or Mac, and fly First Class today!

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I already have version 1.0 – why should I upgrade?

System Requirements

Buy now for PC: $17.50
Buy now for Mac: $17.50

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Holding Pattern 2.0 screenshot

Holding Pattern 2.0 screenshot

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